How To Build A Cigar Room

This section outlines how I constructed my cigar smoking room. Includes are construction photos and required materials lists.

I began brainstorming the idea of building a cigar room a few months after I bought my first home. After some encouragement from my brother I set forth planning the potential project. After 3 months of work the end product is a cigar room that is completely sealed up and has its own ventilation system so you can smoke all day long and not have it affect the rest of the house. We added some cool features along the way like built in speakers and a 5 ft window that looks into the main room so you can watch TV while smoking.

This web site details my smoking room project and everything I learned along the way. I’m not an expert by any means, but I did a lot of research before building and the end project of my cigar room is something I’m very proud of. My hope is that fellow smokers enjoy reading through this site and it in some way helps anyone thinking of tackling something similar.

The full project actually involved finishing my entire basement, but I’ll mainly stick to the details regarding the cigar room itself for this web site. To learn more, click into my About The Room section to learn what went into the room.

To see construction and finished photos of the cigar room, visit the Photo Gallery.
For a more in-depth look at the cigar room, check out the Video Tour.